Shiba Bank Introduction
Shiba Bank is a revolutionary limited supply token that rewards it's loyal holders will great benefits.
For every buy/sell transaction 5% is collected in a wallet which we refer as bank in the form of BNB. The collected BNB will then be distributed to the holders on 1st of Every month as per their % holdings of $SHIBABANK.
The holder should be holding the $SHIBABANK for a minimum of 15 days to be eligible for bank Rewards.
5% of each buy/sell transactions goes to each holder as Reflection, so the earnings keep rising.
2% of each buy/sell transaction goes to the Liquidity pool to build a floor price for the holders to feel more secured.
2% of each buy/sell transaction goes to the buy back wallet so that the price keeps rising and dumps become more sweeter for tou.
Last modified 9mo ago
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